QUALIFIED ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE stored in cloud online verification


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Qualified Electronic Signature issued by Certified Authority (CA).
Certificates may be issued for citizens of any European Union country with online identity verification.

Purchase and start using after remote verification - 100% online.

How to? It's easy!

  1. Add to cart and purchase.
  2. Get Access Code.
  3. Register through the provided link.
  4. Follow the steps to verify your identity.
  5. Install standalone applicatons.
  6. Sign any documents with XAdES and PDF files with PADES.

Duration: 1 year
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
Timestamps: without timestamps
  • without timestamps
  • timestamps included
Nationality: European Union
  • European Union
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates

Zdalna weryfikacja tożsamości100% Remote Identity Verification for Qualified Electronic Signature Issuance

The qualified electronic signature ecSigner is an innovative product that you can obtain without leaving your home or office. Thanks to advanced algorithms, we will verify your identity remotely.

Our product eliminates the need for a physical carrier such as a card or token. From now on, you can replace them with your own smartphone with the ecSigner mobile application. This allows you to use the signature from any internet-connected device, wherever you are.

ecSigner also guarantees you a high level of security. Your data is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud environment, minimizing the risk of loss or unauthorized access to information.

Sign anywhere

What do you gain with our signature?

  • Quick and efficient signature issuance procedure, conducted during a single online meeting.
  • Immediate activation of the signature right after signing the agreement. No waiting required - you can start using the service right away.
  • A qualified certificate issued for a period of 1, 2, or 3 years, providing you with confidence and stability when using the signature.
  • Software available in the form of a mobile and desktop application for signing and managing signatures.
  • Access to a portal where you can manage your signature services. It's an intuitive and convenient tool that allows easy control over your signatures.
  • Manufacturer's guarantee for the entire validity period of the certificate. You can be assured that your signature is protected and compliant with current regulations (eIDAS).

Features of ecSigner Signature

  1. Elimination of physical device
    You don't need a physical carrier like a cryptographic card and reader. Everything is done through the mobile application, making signature usage convenient and intuitive.

  2. Full qualification compliant with eIDAS regulations
    The ecSigner service is fully qualified according to the EU eIDAS Regulation, which means it has legal force equal to a handwritten signature and written form in all EU countries.

  3. One-time OTP authentication
    With one-time authentication using a one-time code (OTP), you can sign one or multiple documents simultaneously, speeding up the process and saving time.

  4. Two signature categories in one application
    The ecSigner mobile application allows you to store two types of signatures - private and business with company data. You have full control over your signatures in one place.

  5. Compatibility with various programs and portals
    The ecSigner signature is compatible with various government or corporate programs and portals that currently use traditional card signatures. However, please note that due to updates and new programs, full signature support cannot be guaranteed in all cases.

  6. Security in case of application or smartphone loss
    You don't have to worry about security when you lose the mobile application or smartphone. Dual authentication protects your signature, and you can smoothly activate it on another phone.

  7. Seamless phone change
    When changing your phone, you won't incur additional costs related to the signature. Simply install and activate the mobile application on your new smartphone, and your signature will be ready for use.

  8. Option for private and business signature
    We offer the option to apply for a signature with private individual data or a business signature, with additional inclusion of company data. We adapt to your needs.

  9. Remote renewal
    You can renew your signature using the SecureDoc application fully remotely.

  10. Government administration platforms
    You can use the qualified signature not only in government administration applications like PUE ZUS, JEDZ, JPK, KRK, S24, but also in all formal matters within the European Union.

Details and Technical SpecificationsSecure with OTP

  • ecSigner Mobile Application: available for mobile devices running Android or iOS
  • ecSigner Desktop Application: available for computers running Windows or MacOS
  • Supported Signature Formats: PAdES-BES/T, XAdES-BES/T, and others
  • Key Length and Format: RSA 2048 bit
  • Signature Algorithm: SHA-2 RSA
  • Authentication: 2FA (login and password + OTP)
  • Supported Communication Standards: PKCS#11, CSP, and KSP
  • Virtual Card Service: cryptographic keys and certificate stored in HSM
  • Integration Capability: service integration possible using ecSigner API

Legal notice:

  • This product is subject to remote Identity Verification using an activation voucher; therefore, the right of withdrawal from the concluded sales contract within the 14-day withdrawal period does not apply.

Data sheet

Issuer - Certificate Authority
Eurocert Qualified Center
Reader type
Personal data verification method
onLine by Internet connection

Specific References

The following rules apply to the Identity Verification service provided during a direct meeting with the verifier. For products with remote Identity Verification using an activation voucher, the right of withdrawal from the concluded purchase agreement does not apply before the expiration of the 14-day withdrawal period from the contract.

Identity verification is a service required when issuing a new Qualified Electronic Signature. This service can be provided by any partner of the Eurocert Certification Office. Identity verification can take place at the company's headquarters or through a visit to the customer. Depending on the chosen verification model, you can decide whether to pay for the service when placing an order on the signature.unistyle.pl store or during signature pickup.

Below are some sample scenarios. The issuance of a qualified signature will be carried out regardless of the chosen scenario, and any differences will relate to payment before or during the verification service. For example:

  1. I will pay in advance for the verification service on the signature.unistyle.pl store.

    • I can visit the UniStyle.pl headquarters and obtain the signature without additional charges.
    • I can choose another Eurocert partner, visit their headquarters, and obtain the signature, but I will accept the price conditions for the verification service proposed by the other partner.
  2. I will not pay for the verification service on the signature.unistyle.pl store. I will do it when picking up the signature.

    • I can visit the UniStyle.pl headquarters and obtain the signature, and I will pay a net fee of 40 PLN on-site, either by card or in cash.
    • I can choose another partner, visit their headquarters, and obtain the signature, but I will accept the price conditions and payment method for the verification service proposed by the other partner.
  3. I will pay in advance on the signature.unistyle.pl store for the option of the service coming to me.

    • I provide the delivery address and pay for the delivery service online by selecting the appropriate delivery method.
  4. I will not pay for the delivery option on the signature.unistyle.pl store.

    • I will decide later whether to pick up the signature at one of the partner points or order a delivery to my location and settle the due payment on-site.

Is identity verification required when renewing a signature? No. If you already have a valid qualified signature, its renewal can be done independently using the SecureDoc 2.0 application.

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