Certificate for use in ZSMOPL


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Certificate for communication with ZSMOPL (Integrated System for Monitoring the Trade of Medicinal Products) for pharmacies, hospital pharmacy departments, and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Duration: 1 year
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
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Unqualified certificate designed for signing messages sent to ZSMOPL. The certificate is issued by the Certification Authority authorized by the National Certification Center (nccert.pl). The Certification Authority is a Polish entity ensuring the proper functioning of the certificate.

  • It includes an email address, the name of the represented entity and its business location (optionally: the subscriber's first and last name).
  • It complies with the X.509 v3 standard.
  • It is secured with a minimum SHA1 hash function (SHA2 recommended).
  • It has a minimum cryptographic key length of RSA/DSA 2048 bits.
  • It is issued in PEM format and optionally in P12 format.

Online certificate issuance procedure:

  1. Order and pay for the product - all data provided during the order process is used solely for billing and delivering the online form.
  2. Fill out the online form - after payment is recorded, we will send a link to the online form to the provided email address, where you will enter the data to be included in the certificate (this will take 5 minutes).
  3. Within 48 hours, you will receive the ready certificate - to the email address specified in the certificate, we will send an encrypted file with the certificate, and to the phone number provided in the form, you will receive an SMS with the access password.
  4. We send the certificate in two formats: P12 and PEM.

Data sheet

Issuer - Certificate Authority
Eurocert Qualified Center

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Certificate for use in ZSMOPL